Top Foods from Switzerland

As cheeseaholics, the Swiss cuisine is right up our alley. The Swiss take two of the most comforting foods and put them together: potatoes and cheese. Especially in winter, hot cheese fondue, with raclette appetizer, accompanied with a white wine is the perfect meal.


We were quite pleasantly surprised at how many different kinds of cheeses we were offered at a hotel breakfast. Together with the homemade bread, breakfast became our favorite meal of the day!

• Cheeses at our hotel breakfast.

Cheese Fondue

This is one of our favorite foods: little freshly baked cubes of bread dipped in melting cheese. Although Herta has contemplated many times about buying a fondue set, it’s probably for the best that we haven’t yet, as it’s one of those things that you can definitely overindulge in. A blend of cheeses is mixed with wine, garlic, a bit of cornstarch, and finished off with a splash of kirsch.

• Cheese fondue.


We absolutely love raclette! Usually it’s melted and served with some potatoes, a pickle, and pearl onions, however we also had it melted onto a sandwich and even on a pizza. It’s a semi-hard cow’s milk cheese with very distinctive taste.

• Raclette.

Swiss chocolate

Swiss chocolate, the most famous one being Toblerone, is velvety and smooth. It’s available everywhere in the world, however when in Switzerland it’s definitely worth checking out a chocolate factory. This is probably the only place we would dish out five bucks for a hot chocolate.

• Toblerone, with its Matterhorn mountain logo.


The Swiss produce amazing white wines. Although we don’t usually like white wine, we quite liked the Swiss white wine varietals. As with many things in Switzerland, wine is also quite expensive, however the Petite Arvine was definitely worth the try. Unfortunately, we weren’t able to make a stop at the Valais wine region, however we did manage to see the beautiful snow covered vineyards from the train.

• Vineyards of Valais, near Visp.

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