Top Foods from Slovenia

After a sweaty 8-hour train ride from Budapest, we were not in the best mood to look for restaurants. Lucky for us, we got a tip that a food festival was taking place at the Central Market Square every Friday afternoon. Strolling through quaint and green Ljubljana, we felt a bit more energized so we went to look for our quick no frills gourmet dinner, and were quite happy what we found.


These Carniolian sausages are packed with flavor and can be sampled at Klobasarna in the city center. In order to retain its full flavor, the sausage must be cooked on low heat to ensure the inside is cooked, while the outside remains unburned. These go great with a glass of Laško beer or powerful, dry regional red wine.

• Kranjska.
• Laško beer.


This baked or boiled rolled dough with various fillings, ranging from cottage cheese to apple and walnuts, make for a great snack and can also be sampled at Klobasarna.

• Štruklji.


The next day we decided to try one of the many restaurants along the waterfront. After tasting some amazing steak at the food festival the previous day, we were still craving meat, so we decided to try Pop’s Place, which delivered an amazing juicy truffle burger. We found that the local produce of Slovenia is quite flavorful which probably is due to the tremendous greenery of the country.

Fresh milk

You may notice these giant milk-dispensing vending machines in a few places across Slovenia serving up fresh milk. Don’t hesitate to try, it’s fresh and tasty!

Bled cake

This was one of our favorite cakes in the region, as it was both light and delicious. This cake has a thin layer of butter dough, topped with a thick layer of custard, which is then topped with another thick layer of fresh whipped cream, finished off with another layer of dough sprinkled with powdered sugar. It’s a must try if you are visiting Lake Bled.

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