Top Foods from Slovakia

Slovakia shares a few favorites with neighboring countries, like Kofola and poppy seed-filled sweets, however the most famous dish for sure has to be the Bryndzové halušky. It’s either a hit or miss, depending on how flavorful you like your cheese. We were big fans of this deliciously cheesy dish, and couldn’t wait to try more authentic dishes.

Bryndzové halušky

These super small potato dumplings smothered in a rich tangy sheep cheese, and often topped with sizzling bacon, surely is a treat! We actually attempted to make it ourselves, but it was not as easy as we thought to make those tiny dumplings without the proper equipment. So, if you’re going to try, we recommend just going to one of many restaurants or pubs that serve this. If on a tight budged, pick the microwavable version from Tesco.

• Bryndzové halušky.


Very popular in this general region, Makovnik is a poppy seed-filled sweet pastry. We did not quite like it, as it was too dense with an abundant amount of poppy seed which actually made it not too sweet. What can we say, we like our sweets … well … super sweet.

• Makovnik.


These rolled up potato pancakes are the go to snack when in Slovakia. The stuffing differs from poppy seeds to cabbage to sauerkraut.

• Lokse.


Similar to the Austrian Manner Schitten, Horalky is a nice treat for on the go. The most popular version is a peanut filling with chocolate covered edges. Quite popular in the surrounding countries (we actually found the one on the picture shown below in Poland), this wafer also comes in other popular flavors like hazelnut.

• Horalky.


If you’re into wines Tokay is definitely a must try! This amber colored beauty is rather sweet, with a taste you can’t quite place due to the noble rot that affects the grapes. Grab a shot or two at the market or pretty much any bar. If you have space in your suitcase, or a strong liver … many supermarkets sell bottles.

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