Top Foods from Scotland

The Scotts, like the English, don’t have too much of an extensive or complicated cuisine, yet has some strange foods like sheep brain. In the words of actor Mike Myers: “my theory is that all of Scottish cuisine is based on a dare.” Apart from this though, you can’t argue that Scotland produces some of the worlds’ finest whiskeys, and they make some damn good tablet as well.

Traditional Scottish breakfast

Let’s start out with the full Scottish breakfast, which is very similar to the English breakfast. It’s quite hearty and contains a lot of fried dishes. The more distinctive elements in the Scottish breakfast are the black pudding (blood sausage), Lorne sausage (square sausage made from ground meat), and tattie (griddle flat potato scone). We much preferred the Scottish porridge, though.

• Traditional Scottish breakfast.

Scottish porridge

This staple is a more traditional Scottish breakfast if you will, and is often served as a starter before the full breakfast. The oats are (traditionally) prepared with water or milk if preferred, and a pinch of salt, instead of anything sweet like in most other countries. We quite enjoyed the consistency and flavor of the porridge.

• Scottish porridge.


This sweet confectionary was one of our favorites! We first sampled this while tasting whiskey at the Macallan Distillery, and instantly loved it. Tablet is prepared from sugar, condensed milk, and butter, and although we don’t usually like things that are this sweet, we just kept eating! We originally thought it would be chewy, like toffee, but were pleasantly surprised when it melted in our mouths.

• Tablet.


Although many countries produce shortbread biscuits, the recipe originated in Scotland. It’s a pretty straight forward biscuit (sugar, butter, flour) and goes really well with coffee or tea. It’s very likely that you won’t stop after eating one cookie though, so you should probably skip a meal when getting a box of these.

• Shortbread.


Haggis, the ultimate should I try it or should I not food. Haggis is a mixture of minced sheep heart, liver, and lungs, sautéed with onions, oatmeal, and some spices. It sounds quite appalling, however tasted like a nuttier minced beef. It was mostly the thought about what you are eating that makes you go hmm. You can order Haggis together with some mash and tattie, or even add it to your burger! Either way, you should try it at least once.

• Haggis.


It’s impossible not to love Cranachan if you like the thought of whiskey in your dessert. This light and fluffy Scottish dessert is delicious. It’s prepared with whipped cream, mixed with honey, whiskey, oats, and fresh raspberries!

• Cranachan.


During our tour in the Macallan Distillery we learned the ins and outs of one of the best whiskeys in the world! A must-visit when in Scotland!

• Whiskeys of Macallan.

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