Top Foods from Russia

As we only had one night in St. Petersburg we sampled most of our Russian picks at a restaurant exclusively serving Russian cuisine. We were not disappointed with Masha and the Bear located just off the Nevsky Prospect main street. Grab a seat outside and enjoy people watching, while trying some delicious Russian dishes.

While a beetroot soup doesn’t sound all that great, borscht actually tastes surprisingly delicious! The beetroot is not dominant at all, and the cabbage mixed in with the beetroots and sour cream made for a great appetizer.

Pelmenies are pretty much similar in taste to most dumpling, however the pelmeny is served with a healthy doses of sour cream on top. These steamed dumplings made for another great appetizer to share.

A must try item, the Russian beef stroganoff did not disappoint. Tender strips of beef mixed with a sour cream-based sauce, served with white rice and sautéed mushrooms. This was absolutely delicious and filling, yet quite different in taste then what you get in your local supermarket in Western Europe or the United States.

For desert, Russians love belinis, their version of crepes. They are very tasty and usually served with jam, honey, or condensed milk. We decided to get one and it was quite satisfying. They are also available just as you arrive at Peterhof.

Piroskis are a popular on the go snack in Russia. They are basically turnovers filled with anything from cherries to ham and cheese to mushrooms. Accompanied with a cup of coffee, the cherry-filled piroskis are quite delicious.

On our ferry, the 2-for-1 happy hour was quite happening. It’s not a secret that Russians like their Vodka and they do a pretty good job at that. Starting at just two euros per Russian standard vodka, or ten dollars a bottle in the store, there were amazing deals. Surprisingly, the Russian beer Nevskoe Classic was also outstanding.

  • The best: beef stroganoff.
  • The worst: everything we tried was very tasty, good job Russia!
  • The healthiest: borscht, if served without sour cream.

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