Top Foods from Hungary

If there is one particular food item that stands out in Hungary is definitely paprika. Even though the paprika peppers did not originate from Europe, Hungary has really embraced it as their national symbol and an essential spice in the Hungarian kitchen. Its usage is evident in Hungary’s main dishes, however we also tasted some non-paprika items that we thought deserved a try.


Arguably the most internationally renowned Hungarian dish. Cooked over a slow heat in a kettle, this delicious and hearty dish contains carrots, potatoes, beef, and a healthy dose of paprika. Its consistency is more that of soup then a stew, but it’s quite filling.

• Goulash.

Chicken Paprikash

The Chicken Paprikash is yet another popular main where you can taste the importance of paprika. The chicken is simmered in a sour cream and paprika sauce until thick, and served with dumpling noodles.

• Chicken Paprikash.


If you’re feeling like a savory snack, forget about chips and grab a Langos instead. We must admit it didn’t look very good at first sight, however while it may not exactly be that healthy, it’s quite a tasty snack. Basically, this freshly fried dough is sprinkled with a garlic sauce and then topped with a hefty layer of sour cream. If that wasn’t enough calories already, it’s then topped with cheese or any other topping you may desire. It’s safe to say that one of these bad boys does enough damage even when shared between two people.

• Langos.


On the other hand, if you are rather feeling like a sweet street snack, definitely go for the Kürtőskalács, or Chimney Cake. Although this cylindrical sweet dough cone did not originate in Hungary, but rather Transylvania, it has become a rather popular food in Hungary, and you might have seen it before in Czech Republic. The cones can be coated with anything from cocoa to cinnamon, so look for a place making them on the spot and take a pick.

• Trdelník.

Dobos torte

If you’re looking for something to accompany your afternoon tea or coffee, you can’t go wrong with Dobos torte. This deliciously layered cake switches off between sponge cake and chocolate buttercream and is finished off with caramel glaze on top. We quite enjoyed this with a black coffee.

• Dobos torte.

Flower ice cream

Although the flower shaped gelato has certainly picked-up momentum worldwide, we first noticed this interesting gelato presentation in Budapest, at Gelarto Rosa. Luckily the gelato matched the amazing presentation, so don’t hesitate to try one!

• Flower ice cream.

Hungarian Wine

Although you might not find a row of Hungarian wines internationally, walking down a local supermarket aisle, it was quite noticeable that Hungary was quite proud of its wine production, so we figured we’d try it out. The two most prominent types we saw was the sweet white Tokaj dessert wine and the dry, blended red wine called Bull’s Blood of Eger (Egri Bikavér). Both contained unique characteristics and should be tried at least once!

• Hungarian wine.

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