Top Foods from Greece

Greek food is famous all over the world. We already tried some popular Greek dishes in Albania, but luckily the Greek cuisine is quite extensive. Although there are far more delicious items in Greece to try then listed here, the list below might get you started with some absolute must try foods.


You can’t escape Greece without trying a gyro. This dish is made up of a warm pita bread filled with delicious roasted meat (lamb, chicken, or beef), tomatoes, onion, French fries, and tzatziki (yogurt dip made with salt, cucumber, garlic, and olive oil). Gyros are both delicious and cheap, so great if you are on a budget. The best gyro we had was from a small local shop in Fira on Santorini - it was so good we had it for lunch and dinner (don’t judge).

• Gyro.

Greek yogurt

Greek yogurt is quite popular all over the world. The Greeks love yogurt and you will find it everywhere. It’s thick, creamy, and very smooth. It is a healthy snack and great to cool down. In every meze there were people snacking away on plain yogurt with different toppings such as honey, which is equally delicious.

• Greek yogurt.


The Greek salad is a great starter to any meal. The juicy ripe tomatoes in combination with the cucumber, onions, olives, and giant feta on top make for delicious combination. Especially the feta on top might not make it the most healthy salad, however.

• Choriatiki.


This delicious snack is made with phyllo dough and you guessed it: feta cheese. Many neighboring countries make some version of this popular food, known as börek.

• Tiropita.

Feta me meli

If you haven’t had enough feta by now, you can try this finger licking delicious appetizer. Feta me meli is feta wrapped in phyllo, drizzled with honey, and sprinkled with sesame seeds. The contrast between sweet and salty is just mouthwatering.

• Feta me meli.


The two must try foods in Santorini are these tomato fritters and fava. Although we didn’t get the chance to try the fava (bean purée), the fritters were quite nice as a snack. It’s made from the islands unique tomatoes, onion, mint, and spices.

• Tomatokeftedes.


Almost all Greek tavernas will serve this favorite. It consists of layers of eggplant filled with a minced meat and sauce filling, as well as creamy Béchamel (white) sauce. It’s quite a filling dish, so we actually shared one serving between the two of us.

• Moussaka.


You can’t escape the Greek beaches without being lured in by the sight of a cold frappé. It’s the only way we could get our caffeine intake, as it was summer, and the sight of regular steaming coffee didn’t do it for us.

• Frappé.


Greeks love their alcohol. Apart from their national spirit ouzo (tastes like anise, which we didn’t like), there are plenty of different beers available. The beer we had in Meteora was brewed by Mythos from Thessaloniki, the second largest brewery in the country.

• Greek beer.


The Greek surely love their wine as well, but it wasn’t until Santorini that we got to explore some of the Greek wines. Herta was quite excited (as always) at the sight of wineries, so we decided to check out a couple. There are several extremely touristy ones with the price to match.

We decided to visit a more local winery, Venetsanos, and tried a few of their wines, including some special labels. We really loved the red Mandilaria variety, which was full bodied with fine tannins and a long finish, displaying strawberry and fig on the palette.

• Greek wine.

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