Top Foods from Denmark

The Danish food draws a lot of similarities from its neighbors, Norway, Sweden, and Finland. Our stay in Denmark was limited to a weekend only, so we could only try a few foods. Most of them we tried in the Copenhagen Street Food hall in Christianshavn, which is definitely worth a visit.


Smørrebrød, or open sandwiches, are quite popular in Nordic countries. They consist of buttered dark rye bread topped with various toppings including meats, fish, and cheeses. We are not big fans of these, as we don’t like the dark rye bread.

• Smørrebrød.

Danish custard pastry

One of our favorite things in Denmark was having these delicious pastries for breakfast with a good (but extremely expensive) cup of cappuccino. The puffy yet soft texture in combination with the creamy custard makes for a delicious treat.

• Danish custard pastry.

Nordic glögg

As it was quite cold in Denmark we were drawn to the warm mulled wine, which is also popular in other Nordic countries, as well as the Swiss Alps. This particular wine had spices such as cinnamon, cardamom, ginger, cloves, and bitter orange, which created a complex and comforting sweet drink.

• Nordic glögg.

Royal Dansk cookies

Although shortbread cookies originated in Scotland, the Danish have created their own very popular version. These shortbread cookies are quite well known internationally and a perfect addition to any caffeinated drink.

• Royal Dansk cookies.


What to do if you like chocolate and licorice? Well, the Danish seem to have come up with a solution: lakrid, a chocolate-covered licorice. The dominant licorice taste was too much for Herta, however Marks’ Dutch taste buds were a fan.

• Lakrids.

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