Top Foods from Colombia

Colombians aren’t very keen on vegetables as most main courses consist of lots of meats, beans, and plantains, often fried. However, fresh fruits and fruit smoothies also are very versatile and plentiful. Colombians like to mix two polar flavors together making for some exciting combinations such as the areas ice cream with casquitos jelly and the hot chocolate with cheese.

The Caribbean part of Colombia offered some great grilled seafood, which was a refreshing break from all the red meats. Another favorite from the Caribbean part were the filling yuca chips. Plantains chips or pancakes were included in almost all main dishes as they are cheap and grow abundantly in the region. The arepas were one of our favorite snacks, in particular the ones from Juan Valdez Café.

We also indulged in a variety of spirits: anything ranging from beers, rum, canelazo, and Aguardiente were generally quite cheap. However, the one thing that we ate throughout our stay in Colombia was the delicious ice cream from Crepes & Waffles, rotating different funky fruit flavors.

  • The best: coffee with arepa on the side,
  • The worst: fried trout & pork,
  • The healthiest: the coffee, as sugar is not required.

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