Top Foods from Austria

The two main dishes that come to mind when thinking about Austria are its schnitzel and apfelstrudel. However, of course Austrian cuisine has a lot more to offer. We spent one-day sampling Austrian food, which pretty much wiped out our carbs for the week! Also, eating out is quite pricy in Austria, so we decided to stick to a few must try foods.


We couldn’t leave Austria without trying the famous Wiener Schnitzel, that consists of fried battered veal slices with a serving of potato salad. We actually were a bit disappointed and prefer the pan cooked version from a restaurant called Schnitz in Melbourne.

• Wiener Schnitzel.


This is basically Austria’s version of mac and cheese. The dish usually uses egg noodles and emmental cheese, and is topped with sautéed or fried onions. It’s just as delicious as it sounds.

• Käsespätzle.


This dish is pretty much a meal in itself. Usually served in a hot pan, Kaiserschmarrn is basically a fluffy pancake cut into small bits and pieces, sprinkled with powder sugar and served with a plum dipping sauce. We basically inhaled these even though we were ridiculously full from our mains already.

• Kaiserschmarrn.


The classic Apfelstrudel consists of a thin oval filo-like pastry stuffed with an apple filling. We weren’t too fond of this version, and actually prefer versions that have a more cake like layer like the Dutch apple cake. Luckily, there is plenty of variety in Austria as well!

Vienna’s chocolate cake

Also known as the “Original” Sacher Torte, even though this cake looks like it’s just a dark chocolate fudge cake, it is quite delicate. It has a layer of apricot jam that stands out from the chocolate. We liked it, but didn’t necessarily love it. Accompanied by a cup of black coffee it’s definitely worth a try.

• Sacher Torte.

Manner Schnitten

These hazelnut wafers are quite a nice sweet snack. We went with the wholegrain version, which helped us think we were eating somewhat healthy, even though we finished multiple packets in just two days.

• Manner Schnitten.

Stiegl & Ottakringer

As we were in Vienna during the European Championship 2016, there was plenty of opportunity to drink beer. Apart from the popular Czech beers, we tried the Austrian Stiegl and Ottakringer. We particularly liked the Stiegl, although our judgement was already impaired by the time we got to this one.

• Stiegl.
• Ottakringer.

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