Top Foods from Asia

All over Asia, street food is the way the locals eat. Prepared at every corner of the street, right in front of the customer, dirt cheap, and lots of options: eating street food is the way to go. As any Westerner, we were a little hesitant to try it. How do you know the ingredients are good? What if we get food posioning? How do we know which stand to go?

Our first attempt on street food was in Bangkok, next to the Hualampong Train Station. We read a recommendation online about this street food place, and once arriving there we saw a mix of tourists and locals enjoying the food. We were at the right place.

From there, we enjoyed the street food of Thailand, Cambodia, Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam, and China. We, or better yet, our stomaches didn’t take Cambodias street food very well, but we still got to see what the countries delicasies are. This post depicts only a small selection of all the food available, but it gives a great impression of what’s out there, and how we experienced it.

  • The best: Chang beer,
  • The worst: we can’t choose between the Cambodian deserts or snails.
  • The healthiest: probably the dragon fruit, or coconut juice.

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