Top Foods from Argentina

If there is any food item in particular Argentinians like, we would say it’s meat and dulce de leche (boiled condensed milk). A big downside was that Argentinian breakfast was rather lacking: it was mostly limited to sticky sweet croissants, bread with dulce de leech or jam, and coffee. For lunch, the lomita or choripán sandwiches and asado dinners were quite flavorful and filling, especially when it included the chimichuri sauce and a nice glass of malbec.

The helados (type of ice cream) were full of flavor, and also cheaper (and less watery) than in Chile. Unfortunately, we were not able to find a truly great steak, although we certainly tried, however a lot of fellow travelers mentioned the area of Bariloche in Patagonia as the place for the best steaks. As far as wine goes, we found great wine in Argentina, and even went on a wine tasting in the wine-capital of Argentina: Mendoza.

  • The best: Choripán and Helado,
  • The worst: Quilmes,
  • The healthiest: we like to think the one glass of wine per day story is true.

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