Ljubljana: the Cutest Capital City

After escaping the busyness by spending a day in Triglav National Park, we were ready to see another city. As always, we headed on a walking tour, through what turned out to be one of the cutest capital cities in the world: Ljubljana.

We gathered at Prešeren Square, the central square in Ljubljana. It is home to a department store (former post office), main pharmacy, and Franciscan Church of the Annunciation.

• Franciscan Church of the Annunciation.

From to the Prešeren Square we walked across the river towards the Old Town. There are a large number of bridges over the Ljubljanica, but the Triple Bridge leading towards the Town Hall was most impressive. These three bridges are located right next to each other, and are a major tourist attraction. Story goes that, back in the day, the first initial bridge was deemed too small, and a second one was built right next to it. This story repeated itself, and a third bridge was built. Nowadays, these bridges are solely used by pedestrians, as the inner city of Ljubljana is car-free.

• Triple Bridge.

Instead of directly heading into the city center, we turned away from the center towards the Central Market. Every Friday during Summer, the Central Market turns into a Food Market, where one can buy delicious local dishes.

• Central Market.

Past the market, you can find the Dragon Bridge. As expected, the dragon is subject to tons of legends, and one can only guess which one is true. We crossed the bridge, and walked towards the city center along the river.

• Dragon Bridge.

The scenery walking along the river was nothing short of mind-blowing: crystal clear waters like the rivers we saw in the National Park, combined with overhanging, blooming trees, we couldn’t get enough of it. For us, it was pretty clear Slovenia is a very green country.

• Ljubljanica River (1).
• Ljubljanica River (2).

We finally arrived in Ljubljana Old Town. We paused for a minute on the steps of the Town Hall, enjoying the view of the square and Robba Fountain. This square was yet another picturesque part of the city. Not surprisingly, in 2016, Ljubljana was chosen as European Green Capital.

• Town Hall and Robba Fountain.

Our walking tour was slowly coming to an end. We had one more stop to go, and this final landmark was located a bit out of the city center. We left the small streets of the Old Town, and headed south.

• Narrow streets of the Old Town.

This meant we had to walk along the river for a while, something we definitely did not mind.

• Ljubljanica River (3).

After passing the National Library, we arrived at the Križanke Outdoor Theatre. This former monastery is Ljubljana’s most popular outdoor venue. In Summer, it is used for concerts, plays, and festivals. The walking tour ended here, and since there was no concert that night, we decided to head back to the city center to find some dinner. The way to get there? Along the river of course!

• Križanke Outdoor Theatre.

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