Český Krumlov: Czech Republic’s Most Charming Town

Český Krumlov is situated close to the border of Czech Republic and Austria. It is a very charming town, with its historic center listed as UNESCO World Heritage Site. We passed through on our way from Prague, and decided to make a quick one-day stop to explore the beauty of Český Krumlov.

The town of Český Krumlov was constructed in two phases; first, in 1240, the castle was constructed. The second phase, shortly thereafter, was the forming of the town itself by the people working in the castle. Over time, the castle had various owners, and the architecture of the castle varies between Goth, Renaissance, and Baroque. Most of the towns’ inhabitants were German, although many of them were expelled after the Second World War.

During the communist era, the town lost much of its charm, as lack of maintenance caused it to fall into disrepair. At this time, a house in the center could be bought for around 2,000$. However, since 1989 the town has been restored into its original state, and that same house will now cost more than a million dollars.

The best way to see Český Krumlov is to simply stroll through the colorful streets. Eventually, you will end up at the castle, which provides great views over the river and historic center. The castle consists of various courtyards, where you can see the different building styles, before entering the garden area. After enjoying the spectacular views from here, we recommend strolling through the garden, where you can find the moving (literally) Baroque Theater, a pond, and plenty of places to relax.

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