Transportation in South America

Just like in Asia, we used a variety of transportation methods to get us across South America. Where in Asia we relied mostly on buses and trains, in South America we mostly used flights and buses as the rail network is almost nonexistent. Also, because the countries we visited in South America are a bit further away from each other, we often opted to skip 24+hr bus rides and just take a short flight instead. This made the trip a little bit more expensive, but way more comfortable.

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Monthly Recap: January 2015

In January 2015, we visited four countries: Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay, and Chile. From China we were meant to land in São Paulo, but ended up in Rio de Janeiro instead, where we mainly enjoyed Brazilian food. The highlight of Brazil was without a doubt Costa Verde, although the tour of Rio de Janeiro was very nice too.

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The Quaint Town of Colonia

It is very easy do go on a day-trip to Colonia del Sacramento from Buenos Aires: a one-hour ferry ride (around 25$ one-way) brings you to the other side of the River Plate. Colonia is a charming yet quiet old town in Uruguay founded by the Portuguese in the 1600s. It is extremely walkable, and all sights can be covered in an hour or two.

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Oriental Republic of Uruguay

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