Sandy Adventures on Fraser Island

We can only relax so much, so after a few days in Noosa we moved on and drove three hours north, to the small town of Hervey Bay. This town is the gateway to Fraser Island, the world’s largest sand island. We went on a one-day tour exploring the unique sights of this unique island.

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A Retreat to Noosa

Over the year, we’ve taken numerous trips to places all around Australia. However, one big trip was still missing: a visit to Noosa and Fraser Island. We started with a few days in Noosa, which has it all: beaches, shopping, bars and restaurants, and a National Park.

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24 Hours in the Outback

A visit to the Outback, the vast desert region in the center of Australia, is a must-do when living in Australia. We opted for a brief 24-hour visit to one of the most visited parts of the Outback: Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park, home to the rock formations of Kata Tjuta and Uluru.

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A Rough Weekend at Whitsundays

Our trip to the Whitsunday Islands was not without problems: it started when our flight got diverted to a different airport due to bad weather (again!). Next, once on the ground, this bad weather made our trip less pleasant than it should have been. And, finally, on our day of departure it was sunny with clear blue skies. Yet, despite our lack of luck, we were still able to see what we came for: Whitsunday Islands.

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Aboriginal Culture in Darwin

Since arriving in Australia in May last year, we solely went on weekend trips exploring the country. After nine months, however, we wanted to experience something different. So, we did what thousands of Australians do each year: visit Bali in Indonesia. But, we decided to make a stop in Darwin first, to see the beauty of the Northern Territory.

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