Holland’s Traditional Sights

Over the past few years, we spent a considerable amount of time in the Netherlands, allowing us to visit a large number of cities, towns, and sites. Yet, until this year, we didn’t get to visit three of the countries’ most popular sights: the gardens of Keukenhof, the fishing village of Volendam, and the canals of Giethoorn.

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A Day In Amsterdam

Amsterdam is only a 20-minute drive, or 60-minute public transport trip away from Mijdrecht. So, as good tourists are ought to do, we visited the capital of the Netherlands. To be a tourist, but also to catch up with friends, and to party.

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The Dutch Countryside

Our home base during our stay in the Netherlands was my old hometown of Mijdrecht. Mijdrecht, located 20 minutes outside of Amsterdam, is a quiet and typical Dutch town: not much to do, a few small shops (closed on Sundays of course), and a population predominated by parents with young kids, and older couples.

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Top Foods from The Netherlands

A store full of licorice. Chocolate sprinkles with everything. The Dutch have strange eating habits. Or at least, so you think, until you actually have breakfast in the Netherlands, and see yourself wandering around in the same store stocking up on delicious licorice.

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Running the Amsterdam Marathon

The Amsterdam Marathon. After almost a year of hard training, the day had finally come: my first marathon. After a very decent breakfast we headed out to the Olympic Stadion in Amsterdam, the starting point of what turned out to be a very tough run.

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Kingdom of the Netherlands

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Western Frisian
42,000 km2
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