Top Foods from Scotland

The Scotts, like the English, don’t have too much of an extensive or complicated cuisine, yet has some strange foods like sheep brain. In the words of actor Mike Myers: “my theory is that all of Scottish cuisine is based on a dare.” Apart from this though, you can’t argue that Scotland produces some of the worlds’ finest whiskeys, and they make some damn good tablet as well.

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The Scottish Highlands

The Scottish Highlands roughly encompasses the entire northwest of Scotland. Apart from Inverness, with roughly 50,000 inhabitants, the Highlands are sparsely populated. Its many mountains, lakes, and forests dominate the landscape. It makes for a great road trip, just be sure to fill up at every gas station you pass, as you’ll never know how far it is to the next.

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Cities of Scotland: Glasgow & Edinburgh

The most populated area in Scotland is located north of Lake District National Park and just south of the Highlands. The countries’ two biggest cities, Glasgow and Edinburgh, both have about 500,000 inhabitants, and are only one hour apart. On the way north, we stopped in Glasgow, while going south we stopped in Edinburgh, admiring its iconic hilltop castle.

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A Cloudy Day in Lake District National Park

Lake District National Park, simply called The Lakes, is a mountainous region in the northwest of England. It is known for its many lakes, forests, and mountains. We paused in the park while on the way north, and spent the day visiting three of its sixteen lakes, hopping from one viewpoint to the other, with the occasional stop in one of its picturesque towns.

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The Northern Cities of England

Liverpool, Manchester, and Leeds form the central corridor of England. On our way to the Lake District National Park and Scotland, we visited these three megacities, together home to over five million people. Further north, we visited the largest city on the east coast: Newcastle, population 800,000.

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