A Day in The Cotswold

Sunshine is a scarcity in the United Kingdom, even during Summer. Therefore, if a sunny day arrives, it appears the entire capital either spends the day in the park, or in one of the rural regions nearby. On a hot summer day, we ventured two hours west of London, to The Cotswold, known for its rolling hills and yellow limestone houses.

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Top Foods from Denmark

The Danish food draws a lot of similarities from its neighbors, Norway, Sweden, and Finland. Our stay in Denmark was limited to a weekend only, so we could only try a few foods. Most of them we tried in the Copenhagen Street Food hall in Christianshavn, which is definitely worth a visit.

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Cold and Colorful Copenhagen

A weekend trip to Copenhagen is the perfect opportunity to explore the Danish capital. The city is best explored on foot, strolling through the compact city center to the cities’ iconic mermaid and fortress, tracking back to its colorful waterfront, finishing off with amazing street food at the Paper Island.

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Top Foods from Switzerland

As cheeseaholics, the Swiss cuisine is right up our alley. The Swiss take two of the most comforting foods and put them together: potatoes and cheese. Especially in winter, hot cheese fondue, with raclette appetizer, accompanied with a white wine is the perfect meal.

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Ski Break in Switzerland

A trip to a ski resort in the Alps should definitely be on your bucket list if you’re living in Europe. From London, we took a not even two-hour flight to Zürich, followed by a long train-ride south to Zermatt. Zermatt is the most popular ski resort in Switzerland, not in the last place because of the impressive Matterhorn mountain.

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