Transportation in South America

Just like in Asia, we used a variety of transportation methods to get us across South America. Where in Asia we relied mostly on buses and trains, in South America we mostly used flights and buses as the rail network is almost nonexistent. Also, because the countries we visited in South America are a bit further away from each other, we often opted to skip 24+hr bus rides and just take a short flight instead. This made the trip a little bit more expensive, but way more comfortable.

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Monthly Recap: February 2015

In February 2015, we visited only one new country: Chile, but we went back to Argentina for a few days. From Patagonia, we traveled to Easter Island, after returning to the mainland. We traveled by bus to Mendoza, to try out Argentinian wines in addition to the food we already tried. After returning to Santiago, and trying out lots of Chilean food, we flew north to San Pedro. From there, we crossed into Bolivia.

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The Chilean Desert

  • Chile

We chose San Pedro de Atacama as our last stop in Chile. Together with Torres del Paine and Easter Island, San Pedro is the third most popular tourist destination in Chile. And for a reason, as we discovered unearthy and breathtaking landscapes in this desert region of Chile. We explored Valle de la Luna (Moon Valley), and Geyser del Tatio.

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Mysterious Easter Island

  • Chile

Eastern Islands remoteness and mystic statues lure numerous tourists each year. In December, we managed to get a great deal on round-trip tickets to the island (450$ instead of the regular 700+$ tickets), and also found out we would be visiting the island during the traditional Tapati festival. Apart from visiting the world famous Moai statues, we would now also experience the islands’ culture in the best way possible.

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Top Foods from Chile

  • Chile

The four most popular items found in Chilean cuisine are avocado, mayo, corn, and wine. During our three week stay in the different regions of Chile, we tried a variety of foods based on these ingredients. Chilean food does not utilize spicies as much as its neighbors, rather they like to smother their food with mayo and avocado, something we didn’t mind.

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