Transportation in South America

Just like in Asia, we used a variety of transportation methods to get us across South America. Where in Asia we relied mostly on buses and trains, in South America we mostly used flights and buses as the rail network is almost nonexistent. Also, because the countries we visited in South America are a bit further away from each other, we often opted to skip 24+hr bus rides and just take a short flight instead. This made the trip a little bit more expensive, but way more comfortable.

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Monthly Recap: March 2015

In March 2015, we visited three new countries: Bolivia, Peru, and Ecuador. We ended last month with a three day tour of Salar de Uyuni, from where we continued on to La Paz. There, we conquered the World’s Most Dangerous Road and Amazon rainforest.

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Copacabana & Lake Titicaca En Route to Peru

From La Paz our next destination was Cusco, Peru. The best way to get there is by taking a bus with stopover in Copacabana, a small town near Lake Titicaca, world’s highest navigable lake. We almost did not make it out of La Paz as the local people in El Alto, just north of La Paz, were demonstrating by putting up road blocks. Luckily, we left La Paz just in time as we could still make it around the initial road blocks, otherwise we would have been forced to remain in La Paz for a few more days as protests tend to take quite a while.

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La Paz: the World’s Highest Capital City

Our first impression of La Paz was that is was quite modern compared to Uyuni and the rest of Bolivia. We spent four days in the (administrative) capital of Bolivia, as the base for our trips to the Death Road and Amazon.

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Top Foods from Bolivia

We found that not only did Bolivia have multiple ways of preparing potatoes, it also had a vast variety of them. Although quinoa was also a popular staple, the most common dish was potato combined with chicken. We found that the spices used were more minimal than in neighboring countries, however still well prepared. The abundance of fresh juices was refreshing, and at the same time nutricious.

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Plurinational State of Bolivia

South America
Capital City
1.1m km2
Boliviano (BOB)

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