Top Foods from Australia

If you’re walking through the international food isle you wouldn’t exactly expect Australian foods. Nevertheless, having spent over a year in Australia, there are definitely certain foods and drinks you can call Australian, including some you wouldn’t expect.

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Festivals in Melbourne

Thanks to the thriving arts, food, music, and sport scenes in Melbourne, there are plenty of festivals throughout the year all over the city. In October, we already covered the Melbourne Marathon, and this post summarizes a few more we don’t want you to miss.

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Home in Melbourne

As our time in Australia comes to an end, it is time to cover our home base: Melbourne. This city is often dubbed “the most livable city in the world” because of its arts, education, food, health, infrastructure, parks, and sports. After living here for a year we wholeheartedly agree: Melbourne is a great place to live.

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Sandy Adventures on Fraser Island

We can only relax so much, so after a few days in Noosa we moved on and drove three hours north, to the small town of Hervey Bay. This town is the gateway to Fraser Island, the world’s largest sand island. We went on a one-day tour exploring the unique sights of this unique island.

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A Retreat to Noosa

Over the year, we’ve taken numerous trips to places all around Australia. However, one big trip was still missing: a visit to Noosa and Fraser Island. We started with a few days in Noosa, which has it all: beaches, shopping, bars and restaurants, and a National Park.

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