Trekking through Sapá’s H’mong Valley

The day after returning from our Hạ Long Bay cruise we were already on the move again. We went north to the mountain town of Sa Pá. Initially, we planned to take the train, but as the government opened a brand new highway just three weeks before, taking a bus is now equally safe, and cheaper too. Only the last hour of our journey consisted of driving on mountain passes, but nothing too bad.

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Two-day Cruise in Ha Long Bay

A few days before flying to Hanoi, we made reservations for a cruise around Hạ Long Bay. After browsing the various options, it became clear that paying a little bit more for the cruise would result in a much better experience. We read horror stories about boats being unsafe and crammed with tourists, something we really wanted to avoid. In the end, we decided to go with Paloma Cruise. They have excellent reviews, and we found a great deal for the two day one night tour.

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History Lessons in Cambodia

Our stay in Cambodia was limited to six days - three in Siem Reap and three in the capital Phnom Penh. Our main goal was to visit two important historic sites in Cambodia, before moving on to Vietnam. We flew in from Bangkok, and after a long and tiring visa procedure at the airport we found ourselves in Siem Reap. This town has little to offer except the ancient temples of Angkor Wat.

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Monthly Recap: November 2014

In November 2014, we visited three countries: Thailand, Malaysia, and Singapore. After a rough start in Thailand, we found ourself being comfortable in Kuala Lumpur, and enjoying Singapore. Looking back, we probably won’t return to any of these countries any time soon as we feel we have a good impression of all of them.

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Calmer Waters in Kuala Lumpur

Thailand is hectic. Very hectic. In an attempt to slow down a little and increase our comfort level, we decided to head south. After enjoying the beaches of Thailand, we took two overnight trains towards the capital of Malaysia: Kuala Lumpur.

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